Monday, 2 June 2014

Choosing Self Storage Facility to Make Home Clutter Free

Richard found out that he had enough of the mess in his home and would like to create more space by storing the things that he does not use regularly. When the weekend came up, Richard was having time to clear the mess at his home. He began to sort all the items that weren’t used regularly by making two separate sections. He started to place all the items that were needed, but wasn’t used regularly in one section, and to another section, he put all the things that he wanted to sell or discard as he would not require those items any longer. After this sorting was completed, he did a little research and found out that he has the option to store the things in a self storage facility. Through his friend Ronny, he discovered about Hills Self Storage which offers self storage units to store belongings at attractive rates.

Richard spoke to the customer care and found out that they were having the self storage units nearby his home in Galston area. Further, he learnt from the customer care that he can hire a storage facility as per his specific requirement (i.e. Space needed to store all his belongings) and for the time period he wanted to store. Once he starts using these self storage units, he will get the flexibility to either increase or decrease the storage space. So, Richard will have to pay only for the space he will use. Furthermore, below mentioned are some exciting features Richard stands to gain when he uses the storage facility.

Visiting Convenience
You can visit these storage facilities as per your convenience in its normal operating hours even on weekends and holidays. So, you don’t have to take any leave from your work to shift the things or access them between your storage periods.

Belongings Remain Protected
A self storage facility in Sydney is generally constructed in a large area and fenced, and is built in compliance with the standard prevailing state laws and integrated to meet the appropriate fire codes. Moreover, self storage units are properly ventilated and insulated and go through standard preservation and inspection programs. To guarantee safety of your belongings, regular pest control services are also undertaken.

Security Aspect
You can put up your own private padlock and shield your goods. Self storage units have state of the art security systems installed. You will be provided with a separate PIN that you will need to access security gate before you can get into the storage facility. The entire property is guarded with continuous monitoring of CCTV cameras 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Among other features are individual door alarms, security lighting and security fencing.

Insurance Cover
You can also buy an insurance cover if you aren’t having a personal home insurance or in case it doesn’t cover for the goods stored at an external storage facility. It’s always recommended to have an insurance cover for the goods you store at a storage facility. The insurance costs are nominal which starts around $1.50 monthly for goods that are valued at $1000. Suppose you store goods worth $10,000, you will have to pay $15 for its insurance cover, which will give you additional peace of mind.

Undoubtedly, personal self storage units are a better choice for storing your surplus goods which don’t have a regular use, but still they are of value for you. Moreover, self storage units facilitate you to keep your home clutter free and spacious.